Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bonus Week #3 Date

I ended up going out Thursday night with someone I met on my Week #2 date. I've seen this dude all over town, at every big event, but we've never met, so at Week #2 Date I went up to him and introduced myself. Next day, I added him on Facebook and sent him an innocent message, long story short I met him Thursday night at a bar where he was hanging out with his friends, and I awkwardly said I felt like I had set myself up on a blind date. We stayed there for a good while, then went to see a band at a nearby bar, and I thought his friends were coming, but they never showed. We had a good time, and he made me dance with him, which I never do. I kind of do the dance-by-myself-with-a-group-of-people thing, rather than with a partner, because I am so awkward. I guess my time skating has made me steadier on my feet because I wasn't nearly as horrible as I used to be.

He walked me to my car, I drove to Taco Bell, only to discover it closed, and bought the most delicious patty melt ever at Whataburger. We're still talking, and maybe he'll be Week #4 (which started yesterday). We'll see.

Oh, somehow my Week #3 Date and I got into an argument over text, so that's that.


Salty Crow said...

You're racking up dates while on other dates? I like it!!!

Annie said...

Lol yup! Got Date #5 while on Date #4!