Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have a boyfriend now. He's freaking awesome. He was my Week 11 date, and Week 12 and so on, up to Week 16 (I think that's what I'm up to now). We're Facebook official and everything. We've gone to many bars and comedy shows and dinners, we've watched all of The Office (British version), we've met each other's kids. I like being around him. All the time. He's so cute and has a cute beard and he's nice and he puts up with me, so that's awesome. I'm happy. My resolution totally worked. Not sure what else I should say. What do you want to know?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Boring blog.

Don't have much to post. I've been going out with I.T. ever since our first date. We've been to lots of dinners and bars. I guess I could go through them all and fill you in, but it might be boring. Yesterday I picked him up at the airport, we had dinner at Cantina Laredo, today we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, cupcakes from Buttercups, watched a couple more episodes of the old BBC The Office. I like him a lot. I think the New Year's resolution is working. :)